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Cookies on the Geo4tea website

In accordance with § 89 of Act No. 127/2005 Coll., on electronic communications, we hereby inform you that our servers use so-called cookies for their operation.

1. What are cookies

A cookie is a short text file that the visited website stores on your computer or mobile device. Allows the website to record information about your visit, such as your preferred language and other settings. The next visit to the site can be easier and more productive.

Cookies are important. Without them, browsing the web would be much more difficult. Cookies take up almost no space on the computer disk, their size is usually several kilobytes.

As a rule, cookies do not make it possible to identify a specific website visitor. However, cookies can identify the device you use to visit the site. Cookies thus represent so-called network identifiers and are treated as personal data. You can find more information about the processing of your personal data  HERE .

2. Types of cookies

There are many types of cookies. Cookies are usually divided according to (a) their shelf life, (b) their origin and (c) their function.

2.1 Temporary and long-term cookies

Temporary cookies (session cookies) are stored on your device only until the end of the browser session. In particular, temporary cookies enable the storage of information when switching from one website to another and eliminate the need to repeatedly enter certain data within one session.

Long-term cookies (persistent cookies) remain stored on your computer longer. Long-term cookies help us identify your device if you visit our website again using it. Another advantage of long-term cookies is that they allow us to adapt our site to your interests and prevent the same advertisement from being displayed repeatedly. Long-term cookies can usually only be used with your consent.

2.2 First-party cookies and third-party cookies

First party cookies are cookies that are created and stored by the website you visit.

“Third party cookies” are cookies that are stored through the pages you visit, but are created and can be read by third-party domains different from the domain of the visited pages. This third party is then able to track the user, or his device, across websites that use these cookies. Thanks to this, it can analyze and evaluate your behavior across the Internet and provide various services (e.g. placement of targeted advertising). Third-party cookies can only be used with your consent.

2.3 Division of cookies in terms of their function

Cookies used on our website serve the following purposes. With the exception of technically necessary cookies, we only use cookies if you give us your consent.

To save personal settings
These cookies allow our websites to remember information that affects the appearance or behavior of the website. This is, for example, your preferred language or the region in which you are located. Based on information about the area, the website can offer, for example, a local weather forecast or reports on the traffic situation. These cookies also help you change the text size, font and other elements of the website that can be personalized.

To test whether the conditions for restricting the use of services are met.
Since we fund our services primarily from display advertising revenue, we reserve the right to restrict access to our site to those users who use ad blocking tools. For this purpose, we also use cookies to technically test end devices to see if they use such tools or not, so that we can show them relevant warnings or limit the use of our site. As part of this, we will keep these cookies for a period of 30 days, and only for the purpose of distinguishing whether you have been shown our warning about the use of the above tool or not.

For security
We also use cookies to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of login credentials, and protect user data from access by unauthorized parties. The information obtained can also be used to secure our network and prevent attacks on it.

For statistical recording and measurement of traffic
With each visit to our website, the analytical software saves anonymous cookies. These help to determine how many users visit our site repeatedly. In this way, we better understand how readers behave on our pages, what they prefer and what they are interested in. We also use the Google Analytics tool for these purposes.

Our servers also participate in research on Czech internet traffic by NetMonitor.

In order to store registration information
, we store information about login or logout in cookies for registered users.

For advertising purposes
We also use cookies to increase the appeal of advertisements to you as a user and to offer advertisers better conditions for advertising. Cookies are commonly used to select ads based on what is relevant to users (remarketing), to improve campaign performance reports, and to prevent users from seeing ads they have already seen. We use data from remarketing exclusively to segment visitors in order to deliver a more relevant advertising message.

As part of this segmentation, we may also collect general information about the approximate geographic location of your computer or mobile device. This data is used to provide personalized content based on your geographic location.

Some cookies are also created by the advertising systems themselves. With their help, they find out how many people have seen a certain advertisement or how many of them have seen it repeatedly. Through our website, third-party cookies can also be stored on your computer, namely the operators of advertising systems that are operated on our website. On some pages, we use multi-party advertising systems, e.g. the system of Google (AdSense, AdExchange), Facebook, the system of SEZNAM.CZ, as (Sklik), the system of R2B2, Programmatic s.r.o., Picsearch Services AB, the Adform system of Adform and the system of the Czech Publisher Exchange association (Rubicon, Project and others), as well as the systems of advertising agencies (e.g. GroupM). These systems usually use remarketing techniques.

Advertising systems usually have their own personal data protection policies. Economia cannot read the cookies placed on our pages by these advertising systems. In some cases, however, the above-mentioned systems are used to show you our advertising in these systems.

3. Third-party cookies used on our website

In connection with the provision of services by certain third parties (in particular, operators of advertising systems in connection with targeted advertising and remarketing, providers performing traffic analysis on our websites, providers ensuring the recommendation of relevant content for you, operators of social networks through their applications available on our website) third-party cookies may be placed that enable the collection of personal data or the monitoring of user behavior on our website by these third parties. Except for the data relating to the payments made, the data is usually collected in a so-called pseudonymized form, i.e. without the possibility of obtaining your direct identification data.

We ourselves have no control over the processing of data obtained by these third parties through their services and applications. For more detailed information regarding the method and extent of processing your data, you should contact the persons operating the services on our website.

4. Measuring pixels and local storage

A measuring pixel (sometimes also called a web beacon) is a small graphic image placed on a web page, which, like a cookie, can be used to collect certain information from your computer, for example its IP address, the time when the content of the page was viewed, the type of browser and the existence of cookies previously set by the same server. Some of our sites may use web beacons to monitor the effectiveness of our sites, to test whether the conditions for limiting the use of our services are met and as a supplement to cookies for the purpose of segmenting users for displaying content and advertising.

In some cases, we also use the so-called “local storage” of your internet browser or similar functionality via the so-called “Indexed DB” in the browser for purely technical purposes (e.g. saving volume settings, etc.). These are special storages in the browser where user settings can be saved. These settings are usually stored in these repositories until they are changed.

5. Setting cookies

As mentioned above, you can manage third-party cookie settings via the CMP form.

You can manage first-party cookies (cookies of our website) using your browser settings. Standard web browsers (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) support cookie management. Within the browser settings, you can manually delete individual cookies, block or completely prohibit their use, they can also be blocked or enabled only for individual websites. For more detailed information, please use your browser’s help. If your browser has the use of cookies enabled, we will assume that you agree to our use of first-party cookies. If, on the other hand, you disable the use of cookies in your browser settings, we will respect your choice and our website will only use strictly necessary technical cookies.

You can find cookie management settings in the main browsers here:

Chrome:  here
Edge:  here
Internet Explorer:  here
Firefox:  here

6. Contact

In case of any questions or comments, you can contact us at the e-mail address:  info@geo4tea.com