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Our mission

We are a team of people working in different places in different fields. We have come together to create a useful cause and help geography teachers to improve the status of geography in different types of schools.

We have long wondered what geography teachers really think about geography and geography education. The reason is that geography is gradually losing its position in schools, and it is teachers who can improve the image of geography. Our mission is to make geography and its teaching more attractive not only for geography teachers but especially for pupils and students at different types of schools.

We are waging a crusade against the boring teaching of geography.

We believe that geography as a field and school subject is amazing, colourful and special. At the heart of our mission is the idea that we will build a simple calculator that, after answering a set of simple questions, would create a customized profile of each teacher’s prevailing conception of teaching geography. Well, that became a reality. Now the application is in front of you . The full name of the application is Geography for Teachers. The application has a calculator and, at the same time, offers a number of teaching topics structured according to different concepts of teaching geography. “Tea” in the name of the application is meant to evoke tea at the same time. But we also try to make the application feel as good as tea or coffee, which is why we also think about the simplicity and structure of the application.

The topics are composed of sample objectives for teaching geography, assessment, links with the national curriculum and teaching materials, which are the product of students of the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University, Czechia, and other experts who deal with the didactics of geography. In addition to teaching materials, we also offer links to web applications and other links related to the given concept.

What makes us different?

The main difference between us and other apps, websites and educational platforms is that the website is interactive, and all materials are updated. We want app users to interact with us. To let us know when they find a mistake somewhere (yes, we make mistakes – and they move us forward) or a typo, when something doesn’t work for them in the lesson, or when something just doesn’t seem right to them. The contact form is used for this.


no more chaos in geographical curriculum and materials

simple display

also suitable for non-certified geography teachers


Going through the calculator honestly requires a lot of effort and energy on your part…

… even being honest with yourself takes a lot of energy.

We believe you will want to join a community of engaged teachers where all sorts of possibilities will open up for you.

Sharing your materials by concept type with other teachers.

A chance to show off your learning achievements using this app.


We want to share our passion and have as much fun as possible.

Our mission does not end with bringing this app to the world. We will keep innovating the content. As long as we’re alive, we’ll still be here.

The goal is to make teaching geography fun for students and, at the same time, to align with current trends in professional geography.

And if you’re one of those people who want to be part of a community of committed geography teachers, join us.

Be creative, proactive and different!

With this note, we would like to contribute to the visibility of BIPOC and LGBT+ teachers, students, geographers or researchers, and we support the principles of equality, responsibility and the gender dimension in research and innovation.